Jody Weissler

Educator, Writer, Content Creator

Jody Weissler's  books, websites, and video content reach over one million people a week.  Jody Weissler is proud to be a part of your own educational and travel pathways.

  1. ENGAGING EDUCATIONAL CONTENT - Jody Weissler is at the forefront of creating quality educational content.  His academic curriculum and enrichments covers Languarge Arts, Math, Social Studies, Technology, and Science.
  2. TRAVEL CONTENT FROM COAST TO COAST - Jody Weissler is part of a network of city guides that go from the Hawaiin Islands to the East Coast.
  3. AN AUTHENTIC WRITER, SPEAKER and HUMAN BEING- Jody Weissler is  a respected writer and teacher with his poetry being read in every US state daily.

Field Trips 

With our Fieldtripfinder, Museumtopia and unique city guides, Jody Weissler has the market covered for field trip information.

Theme Parks

Jody Weissler is an authority of all the major themeparks in the United States.  From Disneyland to Hershey Park.  

Activities and Travel

Jody Weissler and his network of Websites shares thousands of actitivies from Los Angeles to all around the world.


About Jody Weissler

Jody Weissler is an incredible teacher, author, speaker, writer and entrepeneur. 


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