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Actively Develops Written Content

Jody Weissler is very excited about his three Japan Math Workbooks.  His Addition and Subtraction Math Fact Books along with his multiplication books are very popular among teachers and parents.

Jody has also written two Poetry Anthologies.  Poem of the Week volume 1 and Poem of the Week Volume 2.

Available on Amazon Jody Weissler co-wrote a top selling book called Los Angeles for Free.

Other Topics Jody has written about for the Weissler Internet Group, include Travel for our many parenting websites and Education related topics for, and Childrensbookradio.


Computer Instructor at California State University, Northridge (CSUN)                          

University Instructor- Elementary Education (CSUN)  

Technology and Geography (UCLA)

Elementary Education

And Via all of these educational sites of the Weissler Internet Group:, ,, and more

Jody Weissler now manages a network of sites.

From his first site to a network of over 30 sites. We now have a global audience of thousands of viewers to various domains, videos, and podcasts each day.  

Jody is always enthusiastic to discuss his internet network with you as well as discuss business and advertising opportunities.


It all began with Teachtopia

In 2003, Jody Weissler thought about what his core interests are (computers and education).  With a knowledge of computers and a love for education and learning, he started the Teachtopia education portal writing some html on a text editor and the content flowed from there.  

Soon we developed LAwithKids

Jody recognized in 2006 that he happens to be married to not only a beautiful wife, but also a Medill School of Journalism graduate.  With the birth of children also came two exciting websites  and

With an exceptional educational background -a UC Berkeley and CSUN Alum-  Jody has embraced teaching others.